Should I join the Female Inner Power Club?

What you get when you sign up to the Female Inner Power Club

1) When you  sign up for the Female Inner Power Club, you get instant access to the self-study curriculum hosted here. You will have access to a total of 7 modules. More than 60+ trainings are already available and so many more are on their way and will be added over the next little while.

2) We have LIVE WORKSHOP at least once a month. We will continue this till the end of 2021. (Possibly longer).

3) And as a bonus you'll have access to a Connection Hub in the form of a Facebook Group where you can meet the other women in the Club, have questions answered and get regular updates.

Overview of the self-study modules

You'll have instant access to more than 20 audios/videos and more will be added as we go.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    WELCOME to the Female Inner Power Club

    • WELCOME & 3 Guiding Principles

    • I am a woman and I am powerful

    • How to get most out of the Club

    • BEFORE YOU DIVE IN to the rest of the material.

  • 2

    MODULE 1: Female Inner Power Foundations

    • What is Female Inner Power?

    • Where does Female Inner Power Come from, how to build it and how we give it away

    • Feminine and Masculine

    • Making sense of Female Inner Power for You

    • What do I want - Part 1- FEELINGS

    • What do I want - Part 2 - HAVING & EXPERIENCING

    • What do I want - Part 3 - THIS IS WHAT IT'S FOR

    • What do I want - Part 4 - MONEY & PLEASURE

  • 3

    MODULE 2: Intuition & Guidance

    • Intuition - Part 1 - Your relationship with your intuition

    • Intuition - Part 2 - intuition & guidance - how to receive it

    • Intuition -Part 3 - why you might block it

    • Intuition - Part 4 - fear, logic intuition

    • Intuition - Part 5 - Accessing Wisdom

    • The magic of not knowing and asking for help

    • Is this guidance or are you actually giving up your power...

  • 4

    MODULE 3: Calm From the Inside Out

    • Introduction to Module 3

    • Clearing your mind and get focused and calm with Tapping / EFT + introduction to Tapping

    • Release overwhelm, stress and anxiety with Tapping.

    • Tapping made easy and tapping questions answered

    • Radical SELF LOVE - PART 1

    • Radical SELF LOVE - PART 2

    • How to get unstuck

    • Your Power is NOW

    • DARKNESS - PART 1 - The dark part of you are also your power and are here to be embraced

    • DARKNESS - PART 2 - Make friends with your darkness

    • DARKNESS - PART 3 - the purpose of darkness

    • Using silence to gain more inner power - part 1

    • Using silence to gain more inner power - part 2 - GUIDED MEDITATION

    • The Judgement Power Leak and 3 ways to deal with it

    • Radical Self-Commitment

  • 5

    MODULE 4: Potent & Powerful

    • Pleasure as your guiding star - part 1

    • Pleasure as your guiding star - part 2

    • Pleasure exercise FAQ

    • POTENCY - PART 1 - 2 things to embrace before potency unfold its magic

    • POTENCY - PART 2 - Intention, imagination and presence

    • POTENCY - PART 3 - allow it be possible

    • Taking action from Female Inner Power - Part 1

    • Taking action from Female Inner Power - Part 2

    • Surrender doesn't mean being passive

    • Receiving as a Power Move

    • Cultivating faith - FAITH Part 1

    • Acting from faith - not fear - FAITH Part 2

    • Self-coaching and becoming your own very best mentor and supporter

  • 6

    MODULE 5: Leadership, Business, Action

    • You are a brilliant decision maker - part 1

    • You are a brilliant decision maker - part 2

    • Re-inventing the game instead of fighting the fearful masculine system

    • From Good Girl to Leader

  • 7

    MODULE 6: Woman Power through the Times

    • [FIPM] The Daughter Power - part 1

    • [FIPM] The Daughter Power - part 3

    • [FIPM] The Daughter Power - part 2

    • From being TOO MUCH - to being ALL OF ME

    • Healing & integrating the Maculine & Feminine - PART 1

    • Healing & integrating the Maculine & Feminine - PART 2

    • Healing & integrating the Maculine & Feminine - PART 3

    • Witch Wound - Part 1

    • Witch Wound - Part 2

    • Witch Wound - Part 3

  • 8

    BONUS - MODULE 7: Daily Alignment Practices

    • 5-second power trick: Mooh and Move

    • End of the day reclaim the power

    • Raise your frequency and align with your inner power

    • Be a steam engine

    • I choose to be fully in my power - tapping video

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is included when I pay here?

    You become a full member of the Female Inner Power Club. That means you have instant access to this platform which is the host of the self-study curriculum. There are 7 modules + a welcome module. More than 60+ trainings are already available and more will be added during the time of the club. You also get access to LIVE WORKSHOPS. We have at least one every month (this will continue until end of 2021 and perhaps longer). You will be emailed details of these. And you will get emailed a link to access the Connection Hub which is our private Facebook Group where you can share what you are learning and experimenting with, connect with other amazing women also working on their female inner power and have your questions answered. All of this is inlcuded in the one-time-payment fee. You instantly become a full member of the Club.

  • How long is the Club open for?

    The Club is open at least until 31st December 2021 and quite possibly much longer. For now I am committed to running the AMAZING LIVE WORKSHOPS at least once a month including Dec 2021. And you have ongoing access to the huge Female Inner Power Self-Study material.

  • Do I have to do all the modules?

    No absolutely not. Start by listening to the Welcome Module and particularly the audio How to Get the Most out of the Club. Go where you feel curious. And if you have a specific area/issue/goal you want support with write a post in the FB group and I will point you to the most relevant and helpful training.

  • Is it only for corporate women?

    No. This is for women that are self employed, employed, unemployed and unsure about their work. It's for women who are interested in doing the inner work, to add more joy, ease and impact to their life and work.

  • How much time will it take?

    That's totally up to you. It can be 5-minutes a week or a lot more. Everything in the club is designed to release energy, add more flow into your life, so it's a gift to your life, not another to-do.

  • How do the Live Workshops work?

    We will have the live calls either via Zoom or FB Live and I will rotate times to accommodate different time zones. If you can't make it live, you will get a link to the replay. You can also ask questions beforehand, so even if you can't make it live, you will have your questions answered.

  • Will it help me with my work?

    Absolutely. Some of the material is specifically focused on leadership but most of it is not. However, since all the material will strengthen your inner power, everything you do in your work, business and life will benefit massively.

  • How is the material delivered?

    All the training in the membership site are broken into 5-20 minutes. Most of them are audio, so you can listen on your mobile while on the go, some is video and some is text.

  • More questions?

    If you have questions that are not answered here, just email noomi@noominatan.com

Founder and Facilitator

Noomi Melchior Natan Inner Power Catalyst

Noomi got a her first paid coaching client at the age of 27 and hasn’t looked back since. She never intended to start her own business, but was fiercely adamant that she would only do work she loved, and who would hire a 27-year-old leadership coach, she wondered? Over the years Noomi has trained in both traditional and pioneering coaching approaches, studied adult training & development, NLP, and the deeply therapeutic work of family constellations and organisational constellations. Through the last 13+ years Noomi has coached leaders and business owners in more than 15 countries The red thread in Noomi’s work – whether she’s working with a CEO or a mum who has just been unfairly demoted because she took maternity leave – is always Inner Power. Back in 2009, Noomi ran transformational in-person workshops called Power Ladies. And now more than a decade later, the female inner power work has come into being already being the catalyst for many women stepping more fully into their courage and power. For more about Noomi visit www.noominatan.com


“Since working with Noomi on my inner power, I have grown in every direction.”

Mialy Dermish

“When I met you I was suffering. Thank you for all your amazing and nourishing help on my way to everything being possible and easy, even beyond imaginable! Not just in business but in my private life too. Business is a joy now. Everything is a joy now.”

Sanya Ristic

“The miracle that you made me discover is quite powerful.”

Nirina Clark

“Everything was something I had worked with before, but this time something totally shifted. After all the books I've read, thetherapy, the courses - all of this work through 25 years - I am blown away thatit would be a Skype coaching sessions about something work-related that reallygot to the heart of this - and now is impacting everything in my life. It'stotally amazing.”

Ann-Jeanett Moeller