A new type of training that harnesses the power of Constellations to help you make the right changes | taught by Noomi Melchior Natan

Course description

Are you fed up with change processes that promise the world but seem to make everything worse?

Are you tired of leadership trainings that focus on the individual so when the leader comes back to the office, they either can’t use what they have learned, because the organisation didn’t change or they leave, because they have changed so much they no longer fit in?
Would you like to find a way to lead change that is simple, makes sense with the way humans beings are wired and is super effective?

The Constellations for Leadership & Change Program:

  • Gives you a powerful method to spot repeat patterns in individuals as well as the tools to break those patterns so you (or the leaders you support) can stop facing the same blocks again and again and move your career and your organisation forward.
  • Shows you how to strengthen an organisation and its people in times of crisis, so that people stay motivated and focused during the tough times and the organisation retains the brand essence that made it successful originally.
  • Presents an approach to organisational restructuring that is logical and helpful, so you no longer have to feel overwhelmed when you are tasked with planning the next wave of change and you’ll have language to help you talk about the changes to get buy-in from all your stakeholders.
  • Teaches you the 3 systemic questions you need to ask anytime you want to create change in an organisation or solve a current crisis. They will save you precious time and money because they will direct you to the root causes and your solutions will address the real problems.
  • Lays out Constellation interventions you can successfully do without needing to be a Constellator, so you can be more effective in creating leadership development that generates systemic leaders that can work in complex systems without being overwhelmed.
  • Shows how you can impact change in a wider system. With the fast-paced global business climate we are working in you need to be able to operate on a bigger scale and see more than your little area. That’s how you can really impact the bottom-line and help grow the company in a healthy way.
Noomi Melchior Natan
Noomi Melchior Natan
Executive Coach and Constellator

I am an Executive Coach and Consultant specialising in the Constellations approach.

For the last decade I have worked with leaders and organisations in more than 15 countries on how to overcome the blocks to performance. I have consulted to organisations on how to deal with generational shift in the leadership, cost-cutting and redundancies, growth and expansion, all in a way that supports the organisation to thrive financially and respects the employees so they want to keep giving.

My experience spans a wide number of sectors from professional services, transport, media, banking to non-for-profits and social enterprises. Some of my clients have been leaders in smaller companies you might not have heard of – others are working in organisations like Boots, British Gas, Arriva, Tesco, Macmillan Cancer Support, Barclays Wealth, Mondelez, Ericsson, NBCUniversal and LEGO Education.

Course Curriculum

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MODULE 1: Introducing Constellations and what it takes for an Organisation to Thrive
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MODULE 2: Starting to Constellate and Diagnosing repeat Patterns in Leaders
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MODULE 5: The Constellations Process
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